IF is a site specific solo performance created during the Sowing Seeds Artist Village Residency organized and curated by Kaman Art Foundation. It took place in Sarecha, a village of 200 people in rural Rajasthan in India and the call for the residency was to create art that interacted with the locals. IF is created from a base of interviews with local girls and women in their regional dialect of Hindi, asking them how their future would look if they could decide for themselves, if they were not to be married off, if there were no limitations and no one making decisions for their life.

The result is a sound landscape created from extracts of these interviews in a poem-like structure and choreography and gestures created for each word in it’s sound, structure and meaning. The piece was performed at a local field with the desert as a backdrop, the sun set as a natural light setting and an audience of international and Indian artist, locals from Sarecha and surrounding villages and an impressive press attendance.



Choreography, concept and soundscape: Simone Wierød / Support: Kaman Art Foundation / Curation and project management: Chiman Dangi, Bupat Dudi, Vagaram Choudhary / Photos: Ahmed Ahmed Helmy, Lalit Choudhary / Translation: Nrupa Soman / Participating locals: Manisha, Sumitra, Sheetdal, Santosh and Keli Choudhary