WWW is a short dance duet inspired from the human condition of trying to predict, analyze, understand and control our surroundings, and how this is presented in news media of today. The piece is structured as an abstract and surreal weather forecast and serves as an ironic and humoristic comment on Western media.



Critic's Prize at the 29th International Competition for Choreographers in Hanover 2015


Choreography: Simone Wierød / Dancers: Thomas Rohe, Anna Stamp, Simone Wierød (female role developed and with Anna Stamp Møller, who also performed the piece at Theaterhaus Mitte), Photo credits: MEYER ORIGINALS (meyeroriginals.com)




RELEASE 5.0, Maya Dance Theatre (10.-12.03.16, Singapore)

Åbent Laboratorium, Aaben Dans (24.11.15, Roskilde, Denmark)

Highs&Lows, 4bid Gallery (18.11.15, Amsterdam, Holland)

SoloDuo Tanzfestival (09.10.15, Cologne, Germany)

Essero Creativo, Hangartfest (26.09.15, Pesaro, Italy)

Young Choreographers - The Festival (26.-27.08.15, Copenhagen, Denmark)

29th International Competition for Choreographers (26.06.15, Hanover, Germany)

“10 times 6”, ada studios (09.-10.05.15, Berlin, Germany)

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (9.02.15, Berlin, Germany)