How to begin?

“How to begin?” from 2014 is a short dance piece with seven dancers. The piece is inspired from handwriting and its forms, shapes, sounds and rhythms. It deals with the process of writing and the thoughts and emotions the process of expressing includes, which might differ from the process of writing a text message or an email the way we do most often today. The music is created from recordings of handwriting and every movement is choreographed to the sound, shape or dynamic of each letter.



Dancers: Anna Stamp Møller, Christina Dyekjær, Shinsetseg Gunbileg, Liis Pokinen, Susanna Ylikoski, Anna Luna Holmberg, Juliane Bauer, Eva Kallweit / Music and choreography: Simone Wierød


Festivals and touring activities:


100 Grad Festival, HAU3 (13.02.15, Berlin, Germany)

Admiralspalast Berlin (11.07.14, Berlin, Germany)

Footprints Dance Festival (12.-17.05.14, London, UK)